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Very often overlooked, floor plans are actually a very important part of the property sales process as they can help potential buyers assess the suitabilty of property before they actually go to look at it..

Picture of a 3 dimensional house on a computer screen with a mans hands typing on the keyboard

Research shows that 1 in 3 potential buyers are less likely to enquire about a property if they cannot visualise it within a floor plan. It also states that 1 in 5 potential buyers will bypass a listing completely if there is no floor plan attached to it, and 1 in 10 would not arrange a viewing at all if there wasn't a floor plan.

At Wattsmart, we can professionally draw up 2D and 3D floor plans to make your listings stand out. Prices start from £45 for a 2-dimensional plan for a 4 bedroomed house and £55 for a 3-dimesional representation (2D also included within price).